Keeper Help! (Gordon or Hopkins)

In a 12 team PPR league and need some help with a keeper situation. In our league, if you decide to keep a player, you give up your first round pick. We also reverse the draft order of how we finished the previous year (I finished 2nd and therefore have the 11th pick and 14th pick on the turn).

All that said, would you keep Melvin Gordon or DeAndre Hopkins?

Do you have a list of who else will be kept? That could make a difference?

Won’t have that info until draft night, but based on everyone’s roster from last year, I know Conner and JuJu will probably be there at 14.

In a full PPR I would gladly take Hopkins for essentially the 11th overall pick.

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Keep Nuk

Gordon is holding out for a contract and could turn into missed time or him being traded. I don’t want that risk (Bell from last season). Get Conner on the turn and you’ll be golden.

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Yeah would you rather have the Conner-Nuk combo or Juju-Gordon? Like stated above with the contract situation you gotta take Nuk there

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Keep Nuk and hope Gordon or Connor fall to you at 11; maybe its a long shot but its more likely than Nuk falling

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Glad I asked, this is helpful. We’ll see where we are in September, but the contract news definitely sways this in favor of Nuk.

Our roster settings are a bit different, where it’s 1 RB, 1 RB/WR, 2 WR, 1 TE and WR/RB/TE flex which is why I like snagging a stud RB early where I can just build out from there.

That said, what’re the opinions on maybe going JuJu instead of Conner at the 14?

PPR keep Hopkins