Keeper Help (Howard, Drake, Ertz)

12 team league
$200 auction draft
$150 league fee
1st keeper is free
2nd keeper is $50

My options are (my team was terrible):

Jordan Howard for $28, Current value is $29
I think Howard is high floor high ceiling RB2. I like locking him up for 14%.

Kenyan Drake for $13, Current value is $24
I know he’s a risk but I think the price is good for a high ceiling flex/RB2.

Zach Ertz for $14, Current value is $19
Everyone has him as the TE3, tier 1. I’d love to lock up a dependable tier 1 TE but Goedert really worries me.

Gut tells me to keep Howard and Drake but i haven’t read about any Goedert concerns. What do you think?

Do you have to keep someone? If not would probably release most guys back.

If you can keep one for free, I’d keep Ertz.

I don’t have to keep anyone but they will all be drafted for more than their current value so I don’t think it would make sense to keep no one. I also left out that most RB1s will be kept by other teams.

Just cause it’s going to go for higher than their current value doesn’t mean you need to keep. Let someone else splurge and spend more on those guys. Unless your goal is to stay mediocre, keeping mediocre players is not the way to turn your team around. I’d probably rather let others dump on Rbs and spend on WRs and get value at lower tier RBs.

I’d keep Drake. Not excited about either of the other two at that price. I guess Ertz is fine, but I definitely wouldn’t pay that for Howard. I don’t agree about his ceiling or floor being particularly high.

@WeAllWeNeed is the second keeper $50 of real money?

And then your listing how much money from your draft budget each keeper is??

@Fr0sty11 yes you are correct. Sorry that was a little confusing.

i’d keep ertz, Dallas is going to be good but hes not going to steal targets from ertz and i think with wentz back ertz numbers will go up again.


I wouldn’t pay $50 real dollars to keep a second.

I would just keep Howard… You aren’t saving a ton but your locking up a low end RB1 and saving a few $$.

Ertz would be my second option… I just don’t like holding onto TEs unless I’m getting absurd value and i don’t think your getting that… Yes def a value and def a great TE. But you can buy other TE in the draft for $1-$4… That will finish only a few points off ertz. So i would let him go back to the draft. Nominate him and make plp spend big money on him… If he doesn’t go for more than $14 then heck you can buy him back. Haha

That’s my opinion

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Thanks all