Keeper Help! I have until 8-20-19

I cant seem to figure out to keep. It is a 2 keeper league that the keepers are taken as the first 2 picks. It is an non ppr league super flex snake draft system 2 WR 2 RB. The choices I have are Davante Adams, Adam Thielen, Sony Michel, Leonard Fournette, Marlon Mack, Chris Carson. I wanting to keep Adams, but not sure who my second keeper should be.

While this is a little difficult to pick not knowing what pick you have and who will be available then, I would say Adams and Thielen.

Question however, are you obligated to keep two, or do you have the choice between keeping 0, 1 or 2? If that is the case, I might only keep Adams and hold onto my 2nd round pick so long as I can get someone of equal or better value than Thielen at that spot. Last time I looked Thielen was end of 2nd, early 3rd round ADP. If you would ultimately have the 2.01 and someone better will be available then, I might toss Thielen back into FA. Chances are with two keepers per team that Thielen might still end up being your pick so it may be safe to just take him, but if you know where you are picking, and know who is not being kept, you might be able to see if a better option will be available with your 2nd (technically 1st since you are losing your 1st to keep Adams) pick.

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sorry for not filling in more, it is a 12 team keeper league, I have the 3rd pick overall. I have to keep 2 players. I don’t have the option of keeping one player. I am just curious with Carson and Mack? there are not many RB that are going to be available I think. I am just worried that Thielen is going to return back to form of the second part of last season.

If you are truly concerned about Thielen then I think you look at who will be there at the 3rd pick that you truly like. If it is a WR, then you keep a RB (Carson or Mack). If it is a RB, then go with Thielen.

Personally, I would go Thielen as finding starting RB talent during the season is much easier than finding starting WR talent. If your RB you were going to keep were locked in #1 in their backfield and sure things I would be more comfortable going that route. But Carson has Penny and Mack may have the #1 spot locked up, but Luck is already banged up and if they lose luck, Mack will get stacked all day.

I think you are in a great spot with Adams AND Thielen, they are both going to be good maybe great AND with the 3rd pick overall youll be fine getting an RB though since its non ppr and SUPERFLEX I would consider going zero RB and maybe you can get mahomes or kelce as your third round.

thanks for the advice, I never done 0 RB kinda makes me nervous lol

That is all a good point, I still unsure about Luck’s health. Thanks for the advice.

Since you’re forced to use your 1st two round picks on keepers, I’d want a 2nd player (preferably RB since you’re already using one on a WR) who’s least likely to fall to you in the 3rd round. Not sure there’s an obvious one, but I like Fournette because of his high workload.