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Keeper Help in 3 WR League


I’m inheriting a team in a half point PPR keeper league with 3 WRs and 2 RBs. The keeper rule is that your keeper becomes the last pick of the draft (round 15). The previous owner had AJ Green and Melvin Gordon. Which one should I keep? I’m leaning Green because its a 3 WR league. What would you do?


Green most likely. He’s the better player. I might change my mind based on what players other teams are keeping and your draft position.

So say if DJ, Bell, Zeke, Shady, Freeman, and Howard are being kept. And you’ll be able to land OBJ, Brown, or Evans, I’d keep Gordon.


Green 100%. 3 WRs and .5 PPR means you will likely want an elite player at that position. On top of that, I don’t fully trust the talent of Gordon (yes he gets the volume, which is the redeeming factor), whereas Green is solidified as top tier.