Keeper Help - McKinnon or Fitz?

So I’m in a 12 team PPR keeper league. Keep 3 players, costs nothing.

Keeper 1: LeVeon Bell
Keeper 2: Michael Thomas
Keeper 3: McKinnon / Fitz

I have the following picks in the early rounds:

Based on what I believe will be the keepers for the other 11 teams, I think the best available players at RB/WR, when it gets to me at pick 10 will be:

Kenyon Drake
Lamar Miller
Royce Freeman
Rashad Penny
Derrick Henry
Jay Ajayi

Marvin Jones
Sammy Watkins
Eman Sanders

I was originally all in on McKinnon and the injury news didn’t scare me away, I’m just beginning to think that there is a bigger gap between Fitzgerald and the available WRs then there is between McKinnon and the available RBs. What do you guys think?

I am a big fan of Fitz and his consistency year after year, but I would choose McKinnon here. None of the RBs you listed below will have the volume share that McKinnon will, especially since Matt Breida is now banged up. In a PPR format, McKinnon will provide you a ton of value due to that offense the number of passes he will receive from the backfield.

This will set you up with two great RB starters that will get a ton of volume. At 1.10 pair another WR with Thomas who will get volume. Landry and Watkins would be the two I would choose from in this format.

Good Luck!

This is very likely my strategy. Although I should note that there is possibility that Aaron Rodgers is available at my 1.10 (which theoretically is the 4.10 since 36 guys are being kept before the draft)

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I dont really agree with the statement that none of the Rbs listed will get the same volume as McKinnon. McKinnons Injury is something to be worried about even more so with them bringing in Morris Calf injurys are rough for RBs and it affects their burst when pushing from the toes. Also i dont think McKinnon is going to have the season alot expect him to keep in mind this is a guy who has NEVER had more then 159 Carries and he had the chance to take the vikes RB1 gig when peterson got hurt but he avged under 4 YPC. He is 100% a CoP back as for the other guys its a little to early to state they wont see the same workload. Drake is worrisome with gore/ballage but he still has the chance to get 225+ carries, Miller is Hou Rb1 and if u look at his games with Watson he put up RB1/Rb2 numbers,Freeman has the chance to take the Rb1 slot for Denver and get all the carries,Same with Penny,Henry is likely def in a 2RB system,Ajayi imo is a high end RB2 they traded for him for a reason and he got a decent ammount of playing time and was almost at 6YPC Blount Left behind 170 Carries and i dont think for a sec the majority of those are going to Sproles/Clement even more so with Clement just having hurt his leg Ajayi should be over 200 Carries also. The WRs are rough Jones is the only one imo that has a chance to be higher then fitz so i would keep Fitz.

My vote is for McKinnon. Fitz may be more consistent and more proven, and McKinnon is in a new offense, but I like the WRs available way more than the RBs.

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Fitz for me, easily. I’d take him in the 2nd in redraft and wouldn’t take McKinnon until the 5th, at the earliest. I’d much, much rather have Drake or Freeman, and probably even Miller.

Rodgers is tempting but I would get your starters at RB and WR first. Stock up and then maybe consider Newton or Wilson a few rounds later. Ultimately, I usually wait until the 10th round or so because every qb puts up bi numbers. Other positions fall off in point total as the rounds go on