Keeper - help me pick 1

Keeper league with 4 keepers. Going to keep Tom Brady, David Johnson and Dalvin Cook one more to keep. Top choies are Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis or Adam Theilan. Standard league with flexibility to start 1 WR and 3 RBs or vice versa

What other WRs do you expect you will have a chance to draft?

This will help to know.

easy. dont keep tom brady. then pick 2. adam thielan, derrick henry. pick a QB later in the draft. honestly its a little tempting to not even keep thielen and just go with RBs so you really dont have to worry about them at all and can just stock up on WRs. but with 4 keepers, you need to keep at least 1 because the pool will be way smaller. you can expect to basically be picking 5th round players for your WRs and although that isnt horrible, i would much rather keep someone like thielen and then roll the dice on WRs.

but seriously… dont keep tom brady. there isnt a need to. i mean there are so many QBs that do so well on different years, you can substitute most anyone and still get same as, or better even production as tom brady. perfect example. tom brady was the 5th best FFB QB last year. so who was above him? russel wilson, who was a late round pick. alex smith, who went undrafted in most leagues. carson wentz, basically undrafted. cam newton, late in drafts. right behind tom brady? kirk cousins. an 8th round wonder last year, matthew stafford, the late round gold mine that he always is, phillip rivers, same thing. always a late round guy, always finishes as a top QB. the only reason im ok with keeping brady, is if you are a HUGE patriots fan and you want him on your team for his last hoorah or something. otherwise, i say go the smart route and keep the hard to replace guys like RBs are.

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I second that about not keeping brady. Add on Dion and lock up the backfield and then theilen

I agree with @BusterD and @dfscrusader445, don’t keep Brady. I would lock up the RBs, if your league mates trade a lot (not everyone does) you should be able get good WRs for value whereas it’s a lot harder to trade for RBs. There are lots of WR value late in drafts and the value for QBs is there very late in drafts.

Definitely go Theilan. I’m struggling with the decision to keep Brady as well (he would replace my 6th round pick this upcoming year).