Keeper help! Melvin Gordon or Devonta Freeman

Alright I know the subject seems obvious, but please I need your help!

I won a #footclantitle last year but paid dearly for it. I have ZERO draft picks for rounds 4, 5, or 6 this year. So I’m trying to decide on my keepers:

Keeper 1: Michael Thomas for a 13th round pick (this one is pretty much set in stone)

Keeper 2:
Melvin Gordon for a 4th rd pick (but since I don’t have a 4th it would have to be a 3rd)
Devonta Freeman for an 8th rd pick

My gut is telling me Gordon, but that would only give me 4 picks (incl. Thomas) for the first 6 rounds of my draft. If I keep Freeman, I would have 5, but I’d never get Gordon back (I’m the 10th pick of my draft).

10 person
1/2 PPR
2 keeper league.


Hello, sir. I’ve never done a keeper league, but I think Gordon has more value in the system he is playing in and I am not a fan of Sark calling plays.

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Thomas is a lock.

But yeah as much as i love Gordon i say take Freeman because of the situation.

And heck with your round 1 pick you can draft Melvin if you want and that still leaves you with round 2-3 for you.

That is my take

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Thanks, yeah this seems to be a head vs heart situation. I REALLY want Gordon on my team, but since I won the championship last year I have last pick in my draft and with all the keepers in my league I know he’ll never make it back to me at pick #10

I’d rather keep Freeman so you can keep your first 3 picks. 10 man team with 2 keepers means top 20 players off the board which leaves more than enough talent left on the board by the time it gets to your 3rd pick. Can’t say the same about the 8th round though.

I would go with Gordon. It stinks not having to a pick rounds 3-6, but Gordon is a stud, could be a top 5 RB this year and with keepers there is no way you would get him or someone of equal talent at pick 10 in the 1st. Freeman is good, but he is in a timeshare and I could see them using Coleman a bit more this year since he will be gone next year so they won’t care about overusing him. Gordon on the other hand should see even more work especially in the passing game since Henry is out.

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I think in a vacuum, I would rather have Gordon over Freeman this year. But in your case not having picks in those 3 rounds, I’d go with Freeman in the 8th. The 1/2 ppr makes this a little easier to stomach to since Freeman will hold his own in the passing game too.

Freeman for an 8th rd seems to be the better value, although I like Gordon better

Gordon because I think there is a big gap between the two

Thanks everyone for your help… although I don’t feel any closer to making a decision than I did before haha. Answers are pretty split. UGH! lol

This is what i would do to break the tie.

Take a cheatsheet from the UDK or wherever and cross off the plp you think will be kept by other owners…

Then draft a team while taking Melvin and round 1, 2, 7 and on…

Then draft a team with Freeman and 1,2,3,7 and on.

See which you like better.

Melvin is a stud and should finish a top 5-7 RB possibly.

But is a top 7 RB better than Freeman and a 3rd round pick… Im not sure…

That would be my advice.

My vote is Freeman in the 8th. Gordon for a 3rd is still a great value. But I don’t think the gap between them is that large. Freeman finished as RB 13 last year and missed two games so he could’ve easily been an RB 1. Also, I think Coleman is traded before the year ends. I can’t imagine Atlanta letting him walk for nothing.

But it sounds like you’ve made your mind up wanted Gordon and fantasy is supposed to be fun so I would suggest taking the player you like the best! But if RB’s are really that thin you might end up taking Freeman in the 2nd anyway haha