Keeper Help! Need help ASAP

I can keep 2 keepers. below are the names and round of draft I lose to keep them.

Melvin Gordon-1st
Keenan Allen-2nd
Devonta Freeman-3rd
Doug Baldwin-4th

Those are the players I’m looking at. any help would be greatly appreciated because I have to make my choices today. thanks.

What pick do you have?

depending on what pick you have if you don’t take Gordon,

Id go Allen in second and Freeman in third.

but if you have a late first round like 10\12 it might not matter

yeah lame part is our keeper picks are due in today and we don’t know where we will draft until 1 hr prior to draft. so with that info its tough.

don’t know the pick. and keeper picks due today. wont know til draft day what pick I got.

then do 2-3

and take your 1 . Hell I got zeke @ 7 the other day… shits crazy this year

I wouldnt keep anyone other than Freeman i the 3rd and possibly Baldwin in the 4th. Without knowing your pick, you have a good chance of getting better choices based on draft position. Baldwin might be playing hurt all year but he’s still a value there I think.