Keeper Help Need So Confused


I’m in a 10 team .5 ppr keeper league and we are allowed to keep up to 2 players at the round they were drafted. Players who were not drafted are your last round pick. Which 2 should I keep? Thanks for your help!!

  1. Kareem Hunt - 4th
  2. Julio Jones - 1st
  3. Devante Adams - 6th
  4. Jerick Mckinnon - Not Drafted
  5. Larry Fitzgerald - 6th
  6. Jordan Howard - 2nd

What are your league’s keeper rules for players who were not drafted?

Regardless if rules. You’ll want. Adams and Hunt.
You’ll be able to get a shot at all the other players in later rounds.

You can eliminate Julio and Howard because there’s no value there.

I’m going with Adams for sure. Better value than Fitz.

Then take your pick between Hunt and McKinnon. McKinnon costs you nothing, and has RB1 potential in the Shannohan offense. Really it becomes McKinnon + 4th rd pick or Hunt. Given the uncertainty of how carries will be split in KC (Ware returning) I’d probably roll the dice with McKinnon and the 4th.


I like going with Adams and McKinnon as well. Hunt in the 4th is great value, but depending on your draft position and who gets kept, you may be able to snag him with your first pick.

Take a look at the other teams in your league and see if you can predict who they may keep based on their keeper cost. This will help you get an idea of how things might shake out in the draft. Better yet, if you’re friendly with your league mates, see if they’ll give up any info on their potential keepers.

Adams and mckinnon no question for me… Good luck

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Damn this is a tough choice. I’m keeping hunt for sure no question.

Comes down to Adams vs McKinnon for me. And I am NOT at all a believer of McKinnon but the fact that you can get him for a 16th round pick is what’s making me pause. In no world will you be getting a starting RB at that value.

Although Adams for a 6th is definitely great value to, I think you can still get startable players at that round whereas round 16 is literally trash.

Given that, and the fact that you probably won’t find someone lower on McKinnon than me, I still have to say get McKinnon and Hunt. Even if you don’t like McKinnon, you can always just wait for him to have a blowup game and trade him.

We’d roll out Adams and McKinnon. GL

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Players who were not drafted are your last round pick.

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In that case, Mckinnon is a lock. Hunt would be my second keeper.

Kareem and McKinnon. RBs are so vital, and to have the ability to get a starting 2 for basically a 4th round pick… you can find receivers at 1st, 2nd, 3rd round, and 5th and still be good at RB. I would still suggest getting another RB in the 1st 3 rounds (so long as you dont make any big reaches) but at that point you have the luxary of not needing to. You now have the luxary of being able to pick best player the 1st 3 rounds instead of making SURE you get a top end RB. It’s just an all around win for you.