Keeper Help! Need to pick 2 for next year

My league is a bit unique in that you have to select next year’s keepers before kickoff on Thursday. You can keep them next year where you drafted them this year. I have to select 2. Who you going with? These are my options. If you select them as a keeper you are not permitted to drop them so the late round guys will be bench cloggers if they arn’t useful this year.

Jacobs - 3rd
Woods - 4th
Miles Sanders - 5th
H. Henry - 7th
Pettis - 8th
Singletary - 11th
JJ. Arcega-Whitside - 14th

Sanders and Singletary. You can roll the dice to possibly get back into Jacobs next year if you have an early first round draft pick!

Im going Jacobs & Pettis