Keeper Help Needed! Pat / Dhop / DJ

I am in a 0.5 PPR Keeper League and we also have a “MVP” which the individual player that has the most fantasy points Gets their entry fee back. We also allow Draft pick Trading and I am without a 5th round pick and I am the 8th of 12 pick in a snake draft

My Options for Keeper are:

Pat Mahomes
David Johnson

Pat won me the MVP award last year and I know he will be in the running again as it is always a QB. Without a 5th Round pick I can use my first 4 rounds to get solid RBs and WRs and know that I have Pat on lock. I would have a chance to also pick Dhop or DJ up during my draft and know that I have a top tier QB without reaching.

David and DHop are top 10 picks that I could pair with my first couple rounds and take a late QB.

I know the standard move is take later QB but with our MVP award it is tempting to take Pat who has a high chance to be in the running for #1 from a Fantasy Pt. total.

Currently we are not a Keeper that you get the person for the draft round that you took them at. It is standard ESPN keeper rules that take the keeper as you Round 0 pick before the draft starts.

THe league is looking at changing our keeper to Draft Round Value ( minus 2 rounds each year). below would be my draft round value.

Pat (12)
DJ (1)
Dhop (2)

If you can always give yourself an extremely high opportunity to get your money back every year with P Mahomes, you gotta do it.

Normally I would say never keep QBs, but Mahomes in the 12th is pretty good. He’s typically going in the 3rd/4th so it’s decent value.

Nuk in the 2nd is also pretty hard to pass up though if you are picking in the early part of the 1st. Do you know where you’re picking?