Keeper Help Needed!

I’m in a 12 team 0.5 ppr 2 keeper league. I know I’m keeping Lamar Jackson but debating between

  1. Josh Jacobs - 3rd round
  2. Aaron Jones - 7th round

AJ is a better value but riskier because of inconsistency And regression that will happen

Thanks for any help!

Def Aaron Jones for me. The difference between Jones and Jacobs is not enough to outweigh the draft capital discount.

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I was thinking the same but just because of the capital but not that confident in Aaron Jones this year.

How about Kenyan Drake in the 5th? Better than Jones in the 7th?

I prefer Jones over Drake even if they were kept in the same round. I would take Jones over Drake in a redraft snake draft.

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Thanks! I was leaning Jones either way but just wanted to see what others thought as well.