Keeper Help OBJ or DJ

Full PPR, I can keep one player with no penalty.

OBJ or David Johnson?

Draft position still TBD (we choose our draft positions in reverse order of finish)

QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, 2 FLX

What spot are you drafting from? What is your lineup makeup?
In a vacuum, I keep DJ; but, roster make up and draft spot could change that

Thanks, edited post.

Draft position still TBD (we choose our draft positions in reverse order of finish)

QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, 2 FLX

See, now the 2 FLX throws a wrinkle into this. Traditionally, in a PPR league, having WRs at the FLX is the better option. In this lineup set up (same as my league this year), you have the option to start 4 WRs and only 2 RBs in a PPR league, that should be a huge advantage. However, DJ is about as close to a WR as you can get in the RB position. I think this really is a close call.
If you can know your draft spot before keeping someone, I would keep OBJ if you have a top pick that could get you a top end RB. Otherwise, any other pick, I keep DJ.
So, if you aren’t able to know your draft spot and have to pick a keeper before (stupid rule) I would keep DJ. You’re more likely to find a top tier WR in your draft than RB. And, with DJ’s pass catching ability, I like him in a 2FLX PPR league

Thanks, those are some great points and exactly why I’ve been torn.

I will know my position before the draft and before keepers are due. Probably in a couple weeks the league will be re-activated and we will choose our spots, so I guess I just got a little ahead of myself. Keepers are locked and announced a day or two before the draft. Will resurrect this then.

im going DJ. when you are talking about the value of a position in certain circumstances, one of them is when it comes to flex spots. flex spots are pretty much extra WR spots. thats kind of how i see it, not exactly like that but i think you get my point. its that way in my mind becasue the late round value of a WR over an RB is crazy different IMO. so im keeping DJ because i know i can find late round value at WR much easier than RB. so im giving myself an advantage at my RB spot, with a better chance of getting good to great players to use in my WR and flex spots. i mean even if you just look at ADPs it becomes pretty clear what most people think. no one is saying oh man OBJ sucks, but the value of a PPR RB especially one who has the potential of a DJ… its just hard to beat. especially when you only have to have 2 RBs every week.

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DJ for me. OBJ is amazing, but this isn’t close for me. DJ 100%.

DJ all day! Last year was rock bottom and he still finish in top 13 RB in most formats. Only direction is up. Too many unknowns with OBJ in new offense and team.

I like DJ here. The WR depth in this year’s draft is crazy and DJ stands to get a huge workload. Lots of uncertainty for both players though so I feel for you!