Keeper help odd scoring system

8 team 3 WR 2RB no Flex
The twist is that this league awards extra points for longer touchdowns (ex. 3 extra points for td 30 Yard’s or more, etc) and a 5 point bonus for breaking 100 yards rushing or receiving.

I can keep 2 for next year:
Kamara for a 10th (a no brainer)
Ajayi or D Henry for a 9th
Tyreek Hill for a 5th

At first I was thinking Kamara and Henry because the limited penalty but that doesn’t leave me much flexibility in the draft (everyone knows that I need to pick up 3 WRs) and Hill was a monster in this scoring format last year (all tds came from at least 30 yards out I believe and broke 100 yards often).

Thoughts? Keeping in mind that elite talent is at a premium with just 8 guys in the league.

Ajayi will be in a shared backfield, even if it is with just Clement; so, for me, he’s out.
Henry is unproven, but has high potential; however, he is more of a bruiser than a big play guy. I know he had a few last year but those came at the end of the game when the defense all but gave up.
Hill is an elite talent that will be drafted in the 2nd round next year; plus, as you saw last year, his big play upside is second to none.
Based on the scoring format, I go Kamara and Hill. You may still be able to get Henry later in the draft if you really want him, RB is deep.


Agree on Kamara and Hill, especially if big plays/games have bonuses

Yeah I’m in board too. Henry and ajayi are too unpredictable, and you already have a big play RB. Might as well get your big play WR, who also just got an upgrade in sheer arm talent at the QB spot. Ajayi is tempting for a 9th though.

Completely in agreement with everyone else here.
Kamara and Hill are no brainers.
If it helps you cope with giving up a 5th, think it globally. You are giving up a 5th and 10th, for Hill and Kamara, who will be a 1st and a 2nd this year. WIN WIN!!!

Awesome. I really appreciate the responses.

Definitely, agree on Kamara and Hill. Could get Henry later.