Keeper help, pick 2 Full PPR

Full PPR, start 3WR, 2RB, 1FLEX

Julio for a 1st rd
Hill for a 2nd rd
Ekeler for a 7th rd

Need to keep 2…


I’d go Hill and Ekeler.

Having Julio and Hill is tempting on paper but you’re giving up a lotttt for that so Ekeler seems like the lock of the three for me. From there I think you’d be better served taking an RB in the first (I like Ekeler but personally prefer he not be my RB1, too scared with losing Rivers) vs. having Julio and taking an RB/WR in the 2nd.

Depending on draft position that might change so do some mocks with various combinations to see but that’s what I would personally do.

I’m picking from the 12 spot since I won that sweet #footclantitle last year. :slight_smile:

So with the other teams keepers taken into account, I’d be picking 8th if I keep Hill or 9th if I keep Julio… makes it tough to choose between those 2

@allcaps18 I almost forgot…

Devante Parker for a 9th is also an option…

I agree with Hill and Ekeler

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I’m still Hill and Ekeler, who knows what the Dolphins will do and the other guys are way more stable