Keeper help pick 2

8 team PPR pick 2 (I pick at the turn, 8th pick)

Josh Jacobs for a 3
Melvin for a 7
Calvin Ridley for a 9

Jacobs and Ridley

What is your starting lineup requirement?

Likely Jacobs and Ridley.

Wr x2
RB x2
Flex x2

Ridley is obvious here, but it’s close to me between the other two.

What’s the keeper penalty/cost each year, if any? e.g. if you could get Melvin next year in the 6th, that’s more tempting than Jacobs in the second.

Jacobs worries me…Oakland is not good, on either side of the ball. I worry he won’t score much and may get scripted out if they can’t establish the run. I really don’t like Gordon either but I think their floors and ceilings are somewhat similar in PPR. For whatever reason, Denver liked Gordon enough to bring him in to be the guy and even though he won’t get all the touches, you have to think he’ll get more TD opportunities and catches than Jacobs even if he’s an inferior ball carrier.

That said, I’d probably take Melvin. That gives you a RB2 and WR2 while still having 8/9 and 24/25 which even after keepers should be enough to build a very strong starting lineup.

After doing some mocks with what my guess is for everyone else’s keepers, even though the value may be better on Melvin in the 7th, I think it’s more important to my team to have someone like Jacobs who I can trust a little better. Especially since most of the good running backs are being kept.

I only looked at my own value and not at who everyone else was keeping which in my opinion makes Jacobs more valuable than Melvin

I feel Jacobs is the obvious keeper here. He has a chance to be a top-5 RB in PPR. Melvin and Calvin is the harder choice. I lean Melvin purely because I like RB1s over WR2s on a team. Melvin will probably see a drop in passing targets to Lindsey, but I think he will be the goal line guy along with the primary runner.