Keeper Help Please: 2 Questions

Have two keeper decisions I am really struggling with. WOuld love some input from fellow footclan members.

League 1: Superflex, PPR, 10 teamer. Can keep MIles Sanders in the 5th, Drake in the 6th, or Dak in the 10th.

League 2: 3WR, 2RB, 1F. PPR. Auction. Can keeper McLaurin for $10, Chark for $10, Mostert for $10, or Sutton for $3?

League 1:
Dak and Drake
*especially in a super flex; also sanders is starting to scare me a little with injuries and their offensive line issues lately.

League 2:
I don’t have any auction experience but it seems like keeping Sutton for $3 is a great value.


I only get to keep one in each league. Sorry should have specified.

Haven’t played super flex either but I have played in 2 QB leagues.

Dak in the 10th in a super flex league seems like such a great deal and then just power through RB/WR and take another QB later.

Drake in the 6th is such a great value too :joy:

No one could blame you for either choice. Where is your pick in the first round? Because if you wanted drake you’d likely need to take him back of the first, beginning of the second in a keeper league.

dak in superflex and Chark in the other. With Fournette gone now too, the passing is gonna be ridiculous and Minshew loves throwing to Chark!

I pick 9th.

Might be able to get drake on the turn for the 2.02

I’m sure he will be there then, I just worry about the lack of depth at RB and all the top RB’s will be gone by the time I pick at 9. But both of them being a little nicked up makes me nervous. Ugh.