Keeper help...please advise!

Who would you keep in a 10 team half ppr league?

David Johnson - 1st round
Davante Adams - 2nd round
Joe Mixon - 3rd round
Amari Cooper - 4th round
Patrick Mahomes - 14th round

My gut tells me Mahomes is the best given his extremely crazy value of 14th round this year. But Adams is a solid 2nd round option along with Mixon in the 3rd…help me out if you can please!

Only 1? Mixon

Im not sure how you can pass up the best qb at round 14.

Best QB last year. I think Luck, Rodgers and Ryan will be better than him this year. It is good value, but I think Mixon will be a top 5 RB this year, so getting him in the 3rd round is great value. Would rather have Mixon in the 3rd and someone like Lamaar Jackson/Josh Allen/Kirk Cousin in the 11th-12th round then have Mahomes in the 14th and end up with someone like Derrick Henrey/Aaron Jones/Josh Jacobs in the 3rd.

So, would you rather spend a third round pick on a top 5 player, or a 14th round pick on a top 4 player? Even if those 3 are better, would Mahomes be a better value than Mixon?

Yes I would because of the dropoff in value and position scarcity. I would be perfectly happy going into the season with a late round QB as my starter, especially in a 10 team league where you can stream the position if you need to. I would love to have 2 stud RBs locked up, or a stud RB and WR, stock up on position players, and take the best available QB that falls to me. You could keep Mixon, maybe grab Johnson or Adams back in the 1st round depending on where you are drafting, and be sitting pretty going into the 2nd round. No way Mahomes had 5000 yards and 50 TDs again, especially if Hill misses time. I see him coming back down to earth, and even if he has another very good year and throws for 4000 yards and 35 TDs that puts him in Roethlisberger/Goff?Allen range, who you can draft in the later rounds

I think it’s between Adams and Mixon honestly. Don’t fall into the Mahomes trap even if he’s basically free. Do you know what spot you’ll be drafting in specifically?

Unfortunately not yet.

Not to throw another wrench in this decision, but I do also have Tyreek Hill in the 4th I could choose from. I didn’t put him originally because I wasn’t sure about his status, but it looks like he might be more available than not. Do I keep him instead of any of the other guys? Or is the risk too high?

Hills risk is too high for a keeper. Its still possible the chiefs cut him, looking less likely though, and even then they can trade him still. If hes out for 6 or more games thats half of your season.

Do you get 6pt tds? I still think Mahomes will put up 45/4.5k and while its not like last year, he will still be a top 3 qb if not #1 again.

While Mahomes in the 14th is extremely temping. I have to go with Mixon in the 3rd.

Agreed… Mixon for me.

Thank you all! I appreciate your insight! I’m way more between Adams and Mixon now. Mostly figuring out my draft placement and who I would I get in the 1st few rounds.

Thanks again!