Keeper Help Please. Thanks!

Hey everything. Thanks for taking the time to read this. So my league added keepers last year and I need some advise. We decided that free agent pickups can be kept at ADP + 3 rounds this year. I added George Kittle, Damien Williams, James Conner, Nick Chubb last year in free agency. I also drafted Aaron Jones in the 12th. So I believe current ADP has Conner in the 2nd, Chubb, Damien in 3rd as well as Kittle in the 3rd.

So basically pick two:
Kittle for a 6th.
Aaron Jones for a 12th,
James Conner for a 5th,
Nick Chubb for a 6th
Damien Williams for a 6th.

I feel like in this case since most of their ADPs are similar, it’s really just about who is most likely to return value and the least risky because of the way that I can build my team with such a solid core at incredible value. Personally, I am leaning Conner because I have the most faith in him being a high end RB2 minimum with top-5 upside if that offense doesn’t die, as well as, Aaron Jones because I love his talent and the offensive situation with leFleur hopefully being smarter than McCarthy.

Chubb I like as well. Damien Williams to me is incredibly risky and while I love him, I don’t want to bank on Tyreek Hill leaving. I think that could affect that offense more than Antonio Brown leaving PIT because of the affect of his speed on the defense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I would keep Jones for 12th in value…

Pick which guy you like best from connor/chubb/wiliams they are all solid values

Personally I would go Connor/Jones will give you solid RBs so you can look to grab top end receivers early or kittle if you liked his outlook.

I would probably go Jones and Chubb. But Kittle is a little bit of a thinker at 6 also. But you cant beat the value of Jones at 12 thats for sure.

Jones is a lock, i wouldnt think about it too much for him.

next up for me would be connor, not a lot of risk and a good player who should get plenty of volume.

nick chubb is third for me, and he would be higher i just see his ceiling being dampened by hunt for sure this year, and maybe fo a few more years. i dont like the unknown risk

Damien is my next guy. i love the potential and im a chiefs fan so of course i love my players a little more. but, i dont think it lasts for him. its not that he sucks or anything, i think he is a damn good player but just average at a lot of things. i believe that darwin thompson will take his roll from him at some point, so im just not going to sink any draft capital into a guy who i dont think will start all year (aka chubb)

george kittle. i love the guy, he is a supreme talent and a hard worker. him last has nothing to do with him or that i think he wont produce. i do. this is just a philosophy that i follow. unless there is some stupid insane value, i just dont keep TEs and QBs. there are so many other things i would rather spend a 6th on. i have won many championships with patchwork TEs because my depth is so much better elsewhere. so this isnt a knock, just a personal strategy.

Im a Browns fan and follow them pretty religiously. Kareem Hunt yes will take away some snaps but not until after week 8, He then will take roughly 2 weeks to get football ready. So your looking into have a starter in Chubb on an explosive offense for 10 weeks. Just long enough to get you to the playoffs. Now I may be a little biased being a Browns fan, But ive read that they expect to split carries with Conner. There is no one else beside Duke Johnson in the browns backfield to split just my opinion.

agreed, but youre talking about almost guaranteed that by fantasy playoff time, one of your best options at RB getting his workload taken down drastically. i love chubb, but but he isnt so dominant that he will keep hunt away. hunt is an elite back IMO. so yeah those 10 or so weeks will be great, but im looking for someone who will be great in that time frame, and also in the playoffs. so it really isnt a knock, just my preference.

and connor, its his backfield. they will spell him with samuels but it will be something like 60-65% to 35-40% split. im cool with that. especially for a 6th on a damn good offense with a damn good o line in front of him with no looming risk of having the backfield taken from him. if i knew chubb would be there for me in crunch time, my answer does change though.

Side note: just yesterday i went trough the entire schedule for the NFL and did wins and losses. i didnt realize how much i believe in the browns until then. i have them going 12 and 4, which i never would have guessed before i started. i think 10 and 6 is more realistic… i just think their schedule fits them pretty well.

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Jones at 12 is solid

Im trying to get kittle everywhere but realistically its not needed when your other options are those 3 RBS, just wait on TE

any of those 3 are a great value in the 5th/6th
really just roll a dice and pick one cuz they will all be solid, personally prob taking chubb

Jones is for sure the best value

After that, I would go with Conner or Williams. Kittle is a great TE but last year was his ceiling.

I would go Jones/Conner

Like everyone else I’m keeping Jones in the 12th. For your 2nd I’m between Conner & Chubb. I lean Conner personally, but I don’t expect Chubb’s risk to be as drastic as people make it seem. Think about it this way, if he really is a breakout RB then why would the Browns give up that much of his workload to Hunt after 10 weeks? If he is struggling, then Hunt should get the reps over him. It’s pretty cut & dried. I think Chubb is going to be a really good RB in this league & would expect him to have a good season. I’m not going to hold my breath for a 50-50 timeshare with Hunt when he comes back.

i only have one complaint about this train of thought. if you have a really damn good, all around RB who excels at blocking, catching, and running do you keep him out of the game? negative good sir. you use both, you use all of your elite weapons. chubb and hunt are both very good, but hunt is better all around i would say. im not saying its going to be the hunt show, but 50 50 sounds more likely to me than anything. or at the very least, both of them on the field at the same time.

this is not a knock on chubb at all, this is just an acknowledgement to how damn GOOD hunt is. chubb is still a stud, which is why as a player who had him as a keeper it made me super sad when hunt went there.

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Hey that’s fair. But I just think that if Chubb is really rolling it would be more like a 70-30 or 60-40 split, which is still a good amount of volume if Cleveland’s offense is as good as it is on paper. And I’d have to assume Hunt would take a game or two to get integrated into the offense. So you’re talking about week 12-13 where this really becomes a concern. Best case scenario is that when the fantasy playoffs come around you have an Ingram-Kamara type backfield where you could play both guys.

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