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Keeper help, please


We play in a semi-dynasty league where we can keep 6 players for our first 6 draft picks. Standard league and starting roster is QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/Flex/DEF/K.

My keepers are as follows:
L. McCoy
M. Thomas
M. Lynch
Ty Montgomery

For my final slot, I have to choose between Marty McBry and Frank “The Eternal” Gore. I am leaning towards Marty, but am given pause because it is a Standard league.

What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance!


I would keep


I’m not as big on Montgomery and lynch but if you are and you don’t think you will get better players than them in the 4th and 5th round of your draft then keep them.

I’d go with gore on you last…


I would not keep Ty Mont and instead add Marty. Let Ty and Gore go back in


Monty is a big ? right now in the GB backfield. Don’t get me wrong, he COULD be a stud.

But right now he’s dealing with a soft tissue lower leg issue, and he has the sickle cell trait which could effect his recovery.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see him lose his foothold on the #1 back spot, although none of the other GB backs have looked particularly overwhelming this PS. (I’m a GB fan) Williams has been said to look real good in pass pro, and that’ll earn him time in the backfield on gameday.

OBJ, Shady, and Thomas are all awesome keepers. Lynch and Monty are good values for those rounds, so the question in my mind comes down to this – do you think Lynch will be your best option in round 4, Monty round 5, and Bryant round 6? If yes, keep all 6.

I’d agree that I’d go Bryant with your last spot over Gore if you keep all 6. You can probably draft Gore the next round after unless you’re in a footclan league. He lasts a long time in my drafts.


Agreed with the above. I’d for sure keep McCoy, OBJ, Thomas and Martavis. My question regarding The other guys would be this: is there a price associated with keeping them? If I can keep them for the equivalent of a 10ish round pick or later, fine, but much more than that and I’m probably going to take my chances. My prioritization of those three would be as follows: 1/2) Monty (ppr)/Lynch (standard), 3) Gore.