Keeper Help pls

In a tough situation here. Just took over a team last year in a 12 team .5 ppr keeper league. I’ve gone back and forth on my keepers all off season. As of now 4 or 5 of top 15 rbs are keeper on other teams (including Kamara) so rbs will go very quickly at draft. Can either keep:

Chris Carson for 3rd
Robert woods for6th
Tyler Lockett for 14th

Thanks for any feedback, much appreciated
(As of now, I’m thinking of the two Seahawks based on rbs tough to come by and Lockett’s value)

If RBs are scarce, keep Carson, although that feels early. But I’d hold on to Woods. He’s a sure thing, where Lockett could disappear depending on game flow.

Love Lockett at that value. He is going to get his market share for sure this year and has looked great in camp.