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Keeper help ppr 12 team


12 team ppr. 1 keeper and I have 12th overall pick in snake draft. My options are.
McCoy round 2
Gillislee round 12
Tyrell Williams round 13
Bilal Powell round 10
Kirk Cousins round 12

Hesitant on McCoy because I have first pick in second round so I don’t see much value. Plus he makes me nervous this year. PLEASE HELP need to announce keeper tomorrow lol


i think mccoy is the easy choice


Ugh I know it is but I hate losing my second pick. Cam on here hoping someone would talk me out of it lol


Cousins will probably have a big year and knowing you will get him in 12 instead of 8 or so is a decent value. I’m nervous about McCoy as well. Honestly I have some doubts about everyone else on that list too.


Yea I agree. This league I could probably get Cousins ins round 10 and we are patriots fans so Gillislee will probably go round 6. I’m leaning towards Gillislee just for the upside and if he is a bust I won’t feel bad knowing it’s round 12