Keeper Help :s Thanks!

10 team, .5 PPR, 2 keeper league 1QB 1TE 2WR 2RB 2TE/WR/RB
Gurley (2nd) and CMC (3rd) or Kelce (4th)

Lemme know your thougths, thanks guys!


Gurley and CMC.

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Gurly and CMC

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Gurley and CMC were my thinking all along but CJ makes me nervous.

Gurley and Kelce for me

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ADP as per FF Calc:

Gurley = 1.01
CMC = 2.08
Kelce = 3.05

For me there is greater value getting CMC as a 3rd than Kelce as a 4th.

Let’s say you can end up with:
Mixon, Gurley, CMC, Allen Robinson
Mixon, Gurley, Alex Collins, Kelce

That’s the way I look at it anyway.

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I guess I am not a big CMC fan. I like having as many elite players as possible. I don’t consider CMC to be elite. I do with Kelce. Kelce in the 4th is good value. Not disputing that CMC in the 3rd isn’t, just not a fan