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Keeper Help :s Thanks!


10 team, .5 PPR, 2 keeper league 1QB 1TE 2WR 2RB 2TE/WR/RB
Gurley (2nd) and CMC (3rd) or Kelce (4th)

Lemme know your thougths, thanks guys!



Gurley and CMC.


Gurly and CMC


Gurley and CMC were my thinking all along but CJ makes me nervous.


Gurley and Kelce for me


ADP as per FF Calc:

Gurley = 1.01
CMC = 2.08
Kelce = 3.05

For me there is greater value getting CMC as a 3rd than Kelce as a 4th.

Let’s say you can end up with:
Mixon, Gurley, CMC, Allen Robinson
Mixon, Gurley, Alex Collins, Kelce

That’s the way I look at it anyway.


I guess I am not a big CMC fan. I like having as many elite players as possible. I don’t consider CMC to be elite. I do with Kelce. Kelce in the 4th is good value. Not disputing that CMC in the 3rd isn’t, just not a fan