Keeper help: Saquon, Godwin, Sanders, Andrews

Can keep two players at the round drafted last years…

Drafting at 6 spot: Saquon (1st round), Godwin (5th round), M. Sanders (6th round), M. Andrews (14th round).

My first reflex was: I would keep Saquon since he is in tier 1 and your 6th pick in round 1 will give you a massive downgrade in the first round.
BUT: The value for Godwin / Sanders is toooooo good. They are both players with a first round ADP. Keeping them will essentially give you 3 first round players (Godwin / Sanders / 1.06). That is elite stuff…

That’s sort of been my thought philosophy thus far… feels hard to pass on saquon but the balancing act of the value for Gowdin and Sanders seems nearly too good. I have also toyed with the idea of Saquon and Sanders with another RB drafted in rounds 2-5 to round out the core… we will see.

Definitely Sanders IMO.

There are good points for either Saquon or Godwin. (Is this a multi-year-keepable league, or can players only be kept once? Is there an escalating price if players are kept multiple times?) I’d personally lean towards Barkley, but I’m also basically Gollum when it comes to holding onto my stud RBs. But I think having an elite 1-2 punch at RB is really enticing.

You make some really good points, & I definitely agree with the emphasis on finding the best value instead of just picking the best player. But, I’d maybe counter with…

  • Godwin is a very end of the 1st (at best) kind of player… I’ve been seeing him more as an early-to-mid 2nd. Still awesome, obviously, & still a great value, but in a crowded offense, I don’t think he’s that Davante / Julio tier of WR.
  • The 1.06 is devalued a little because the fantasy superstars are presumably being kept by their teams… so if someone between 1.01 & 1.05 leaves their 1st open & takes Saquon, then the best available player might be an Austin Ekeler / Kenny Golladay tier player? Which is still really good, but isn’t like the “top 6 pick” value I kinda automatically associate with seeing “1.06”.

If @CoachWhitford feels confident he could get Saquon back (or CEH) with his 1.06, I’d be more interested in Godwin… but if those guys won’t be there, I’d just lock in Saquon & fish around for the next breakout WR.