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Keeper help shady, Michael Thomas amari cooper


With our keeper rules shady will take away my 2nd round pick, amari cooper 4th and Michael Thomas 15th. standard scoring. I know I should keep Thomas but amari is my favorite player lol


I would probably keep McCoy, as a top 5 RB. Thomas is pretty much a free pick with WR1 upside.

But if you want to keep Cooper, do it and enjoy yourself. The value is okay and you can build a good team with him on it.


Shady and Thomas all day for the reasons stated above


thomas is by far the best value and the only real option. at least, when you look at just this year. do their values go up a round every year? how does that work exactly in your league? because if they stay the same then cooper is my choice. cooper in the 4th every year, with a young QB that will be there for years to come is just too good. thomas on the other hand, crazy good value, but who will be his QB once brees is gone? when will brees leave? his talent is there all of his questions come from who will be throwing him the ball. either way, im keeping thomas. value is scary good and you have the chance of getting shady back. along with cooper.


I would def go Thomas, but like the first poster said Amari is solid and you can def build a good team around him. If you go Thomas you can easily draft Amari back as well at a similar area most likely.


I’m definitely leaning towards Thomas. We find out draft order on Saturday so that will make it easier to decide. Also looking at my pics for this season due to trades. I have a 1, 2 2nds, 3rd, and 3 4th round picks. I don’t have anything till the 6 round after that. What y’all think? Draft depth or starting lineup?


Yeah it would stay the same each season until we decide to change iT. Any waiver pickup who you decide to keep will cost a 15th rounder. So Amari will be a 4th rounder every season. Thomas a 15th. I have 3 4th round picks this coming draft so if I keep amari I’ll have 2. Which isn’t a bad thing. What do you think?


I would Keep Thomas. By keeping him you can get rid of a pick that really doesn’t matter when he would be drafted in the first two rounds anyway. Keep your 2nd rounder and draft a RB. You’ll get a most likely WR1 with your 15th pick. Not too bad


If you can only keep one if the three it’s Thomas by a mile. That value is ridiculous.


Fantasy football is all about having fun. So honestly if you would enjoy it more to have cooper on your team, then thats the route to go. With 3 4th rounders its still a very viable option and one I kind of enjoy. The obvious choice is still Thomas, the value is just crazy good. Just having those picks makes it so crazy good still. Now, you might be able to trade Thomas for some more picks. If you trade him does he keep his same value for the guy?


Buster has a point, but I’d point out that you can probably get both Cooper and Thomas, as well as a RB1 level RB if you keep Thomas. Highly unlikely if you keep either of the others.