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Keeper Help T. Hill vs D. Henry


Make this simple and short and I have asked this but my draft is in 2 days and I’m having cold feet. I am in a standard league with 2 keeper options. This is an auction league for $200 budget. Below are prices for my team:


I am keeping Bell for the $60 price tag, but now in debate for Tyreek hill at $20 or Henry at $6.

any suggestions are welcome and appreciated :slight_smile:


Personally, I wouldn’t keep either of them for their price tags. I see Henry in the $2 range and Hill in the $10 range. If I were you, I’d keep Adams for $20 which is about market value and then to get a value RB2, try and grab McFadden in the $6-$8 range and then grab D. Martin for $6-$8 and you’ll have yourself a solid RB2 for about $12-$16. Play McFadden while Zeke sits then when Zeke gets back you slide Martin in as your RB2 as he’ll be coming off his own suspension and you’ll have a couple weeks for him to knock the dust off.