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Keeper help, thanks


8-team Standard League with bonuses for long touchdowns.

Choose 2:
Todd Gurley for a 5th
Sammy Watkins for a 10th
Allen Robinson for 9th
Terrelle Pryor for 10th (or 9th if 10th gone)

I don’t know my draft position yet but if I miss out on the tier 1 RBs, I’m leaning toward Gurley + one of the WRs. But if I can get Bell, Johnson, or Zeke, I might go with 2 WRs because of the pick value.

I really appreciate any thoughts.


I would not take Gurley for a 5th rounder in an 8 team draft. That is not good value. Your WRs are all great values.


Any of the 3 WRs, I’d go Watkins and Pryor.


Thanks for the replies, I will probably go with 2 WR.
My only cause for concern is that there are several top RBs that will likely be kept also (Gordon, Shady, Crowell, Murray, Howard, Ajayi) so I was a little nervous about missing out if I didn’t keep at least one RB. But I agree the WRs are better values.