Keeper Help! Too many quality options

I’m in an 8 team PPR keeper league, my options are Alvin Kamara, Leonard Fournette, Odell Beckham Jr, or Julio Jones and I am picking last in this years draft, what should I do here?

Peterson marginalized Kamara early on. A lot of people forget that fact.

I assume you only get one keeper? I’d take Beckham in an 8 team league. Beckham’s landing spot doesn’t scare me. If a team is going to trade for him and pay up to $20mil a year, he will get work.

I feel like their are fewer elite WRs then elite RBs.

how long can you keep players? 3 years? or is it as long as you would like? also are there any keeper penalties like not getting your 1st pick for keeping OBJ or something?

those questions aside, im looking at a top RB. so its kamara or fournette, and i think there is less risk with fournette. even including injury concerns. fournette has such locked in garenteed production where kamara is large play dependent, and needs an increase in volume to do what he did again. can he? hell yes he can. will he? probably. but fournette is just more locked into a big production role. he IS their workhorse. add in norwell and, well, thats a pretty sick O line. so i would rather go for the more sure bet guy than the guy who i have to say, well he CAN do it again, but x y and z need to happen. you can always find quality WRs. quality RBs, eh, not so much.

Same circumstance. Kamara will get more carries and passes than last year. He also started accepting when the run was over later in the season. That right there, tea leaves are saying he is less injury prone.

It’s a tough call but I think it depends on one’s aversion to injury risks. Mine is high. Love Fournette, but at times he is out to straight up punish defenders. Fun to watch but I’d rather have a RB that knows when to mitigate that level of contact. I only take chances with injury prone players in the late rounds and it served me well last year. I seldom had players down while the rest of the league was black and blue.

OBJ is the best of the bunch

yep i agree. between the 2 its all about what you buy into more. injury concerns, or work load concerns.

as for OBJ being best of the bunch, that is also correct. but there is a lot we dont know about his situation. will he play for the giants? another team? what team? does he sit out? or get suspended? too many what ifs at this point. he might be easier to take later on when things get cleared up but right now, too many what ifs.

If I keep OBJ, which is the way I am leaning right now depending on his landing spot (Patriots would be nice), I think I may be able to get either Kamara or Fournette at 8, and it’s a snake draft so if somehow they’re both there, maybe take both or one of them and another high end WR

While I agree that OBJ is the best player in this group, I don’t know that he’s the best value. There are a lot of things to consider (how many to keep, penalty to keep, etc) but I think that, in general, there is a larger gap between RB1 and RB2 than there is between WR1 and WR2.

That being said: being that your league is only 8 team and you have the 8 and 9 picks, I would go Beckham. In my experience more teams keep RBs than WRs, so it’s likely that many teams will have their RB1 locked up going into the draft and will go WR early. Honestly I’d surprised if both Fournette and Kamara were gone at the 8.

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