KEEPER Help - Wild Scoring League

So in our keep league, the Keeper selection is basically the first round for everyone, and we effectively start our draft in the SECOND ROUND.

My league also gives 0.25 points for a completed pass and 0.25 for a rush attempt. Rushing, passing, and receiving first downs all receive 0.5 points. Long pass, rush, and receiving plays all get bonus points, and long TD’s also get bonus points. This is also a full PPR league.

My team has the below for possible keepers. I CAN KEEP ONLY ONE PERSON. I won the 12 man league last year, thus I effectively pick LAST in the “first selection round.” My options for keepers are below along with their point totals:

Lamar Jackson - 677
Julio Jones - 326
Miles Sanders - 311

I hate keeping QB’s, and I hate drafting QB’s early.

Another note; I lost my 5th round pick in a stupid trade last year. Thanks footclan!

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Hi admittedly I have never been in a Keeper League. Sorry can you keep all of these or just one and what round do they count against.

i can keep only one.

Pretty sure Julio will score less, Sanders will Score more. I would probably keep Jackson in this format, but if you really don’t like the QB keeper, then Sanders for sure. Jackson in this format seems like he would have way more upside too.

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I agree on not drafting a QB early. It is close but I think I would keep Sanders as you should be able to get some good WR at the end of the 2nd round.

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42 points per game average is kind of hard to get away from… Torn between Lamar Jackson and Sanders, especially because he should be way more involved in the passing game and will be the main RB in Philly. Jackson had 42 total TD’s last year, can he repeat?

Dak and Kyler should both have career years as well, and weren’t too far behind Lamar in our scoring format.

Thanks for the help, leaning Lamar but might audible to Miles Sanders because I am an Eagles fan. I think I’ll go out and have 12 jack and cokes and then make a professional, adult decision about this matter :sunglasses: