Keeper Help: Williams, Mack, Michel, or Ingram

Struggling to decide on my last keeper. Currently have Mahomes in the 13th and Bell in the 5th. Rank these similar players:

Marlon Mack in the 6th (Consistent)
Damien Williams in the 6th (Risky, might lose starting job)
Mark Ingram in the 6th (Consistent but crowded backfield with Jackson)
Sony Michel in the 9th (Solid volume but is NE back so you never know. Has a crowded backfield but could see him breaking out

It is a 10 team half point ppr league. Will be able to keep all of these players for up to 3 years.

If you are looking for upside i’d go with Williams and just handcuff him with D Thompson or Hyde.
I do really like the value of Michel in the 9th though- the NE back field can be frustrating at times but if he gets a majority of the work and catches a few more passes this year I think his ceiling is very high and comes with a safer floor but he does come with a higher than average injury risk with his knee. I’d grab D Harris if you keep him.

I agree with what sally says bout Williams. I wouldn’t mess with Sony, that backfield is too unpredictable. Mack in the 6th is also solid, just wish he could catch passes. Go Williams or Mack!

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I’d keep Mack.

He has the better chance of being a keeper next year. I don’t trust Williams with not only his inability to stay healthy, but that he’s been in the league for years and has only really gotten a starting RB job because Hunt kicked a lady in her cooter.

He’ll be fantasy relevant this year, but I don’t see him holding onto that job past 2019. Could even get usurped by Thompson this year, the Chiefs seem to really like Darwin.

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Love the upside of Williams but hes never been a full time starter which has concerned me. The Damian Harris signing is also concerning keeper wise.

Think I’m going to go Mack as long as Luck is healthy. Still considering Sony since he could have a sophomore breakout and that 9th round value is nice.

Out on Williams and Ingram so will be a draft day decision on if I’m keeping Sony or Marlon.

I dont necessarily trust Williams either but if you look at ADP or rankings from he’s a top 10-15 RB right now. I think if you do take him its important to take his handcuff because I do believe he could get replaced or hurt but if he doesnt he could be a league winner being a starting RB in the KC offense and if he does get replaced you have the next RB up for KC to hedge your bet.
I definitely wouldn’t worry about your keeper for next year during this years draft, there is a lot that can happen throughout the course of a season.
I do like Mack, he is the starter for a possible top 5 offense but Luck is questionable right now and if he is out that team takes a huge hit and i would say Mack takes a hit too.

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