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Keeper Help?


In a PPR 10 team 3 keepers superflex league and the keepers affect draft rounds.
Below are the players that I have narrowed it down to with a :heart:K by the 3 that I am leaning towards keeping.
Cam Newton (Car - QB) Q Round 8
Doug Baldwin (Sea - WR) Round 6
Golden Tate (Det - WR) Round 5
LeSean McCoy (Buf - RB) Q Round 3 :heart:K
A.J. Green (Cin - WR) Round 2 :heart:K
Marcus Mariota (Ten - QB) Q Round 9 :heart:K
Terrelle Pryor Sr. (Was - WR) Q Round 15
Melvin Gordon (LAC - RB) Q Round 5
Allen Robinson (Jax - WR) Round 1
Mike Gillislee (NE - RB) Round 30
Ameer Abdullah (Det - RB) Round 13


Cam and Marriota if there won’t be much leftovers in the draft. If only keeping one QB, I’d go with Marriota. Pryor and Gordon otherwise


Why Pryor and Gordon over Green and McCoy?


Value alone. Gordon is a top 5 back and costs you a 5th vs McCoy as a top 10 back costing a 3rd. AJ is also a great pick, but who says you can’t get him in the second again? In a superflex, QBs are valued so highly that guys reach and sometimes players like Green and Shady fall.

Pryor in the 15th as a potential top 15 WR is such a grotesque value, I don’t see how you can’t pass him up. I’m not saying that he is better than Green, but I am saying he is going to produce almost as much.


Thank you for the advice.


Well said @david_hill. I agree


Yeah there’s pretty great value with Pryor. Especially since he’s the defacto #1 in Washington now.
Green you’d be able to draft 2nd round anyhow and McCoy would be a late 1st or 2nd rounder so the value is ok to lockup a pass catching running back but he’s a bit injury prone which is why I think people lean towards Melvin with a 5th.
In PPR RB rankings the Ballers have McCoy at #4 and Gordon at #7.
Top 200 (RB, WR, TE) however: McCoy #7 (1st round) and Gordon #16 (2nd round) so you can see Gordon’s value.
Pryor, btw, is #35 in top 200 (and Jason is obscenely low on him. Andy: 27, Mike 28, Jason: 53). That’s a 4th round value for a 15th round pick.

Also consider what position you’re drafting from and who else will be kept. If everyone is keeping a QB then pickings will be slim and I could see Mariota worth locking down to make sure you don’t wind up with a Browns QB.


Thank you for the advice.