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Keeper Help


12 team, .5ppr league. Looking at keeping D Murray for a 2nd, Kelce for a 6th and Jeffrey for a 10th. I also made some bad trades last year so I lose my 3rd and 5th but gain another 7th and 10th. I’ll definitely take Jeffrey for the 10th but what about my other 2 options?


Kelce in the 6th is great value for the #1 TE last year.

I’d keep DeMarco in the 2nd too. His ADP puts him right at the end of the 1st/beginning of the second so unless you have other keeper options for better value, might as well just keep him unless you feel you can get a better guy in the 2nd.


No we have a two round penalty so anybody taken in rounds 1 or 2 aren’t eligible, but guys like ajayi and Howard will be keepers from competition. Wasn’t sure if kelce for a 6th is a good choice considering I lost my 3rd and 5th


Yeah if you don’t have a third or a fifth keeping Kelce isn’t the best idea.


Take Murray, he is good in the 2nd, and take Jeffery in the 10th for the upside with minimal risk. You will need your 6th to fill out your roster. There will be TEs later in the draft.