Keeper Help!@

Kamara and Lewis are a lock. Do I gamble with the upside of Anderson with a looming suspension? Is Goodwin or Kupp work a late pick in a PPR?

Kamara 9
Lewis 9
R Anderson 15
Goodwin 15
Kupp 15

for a 15th rounder, im all about kupp. his production only got stronger as the year went on. he is a great slot receiver who is going to get more single coverage than anyone else. he could easily be an 80 reception 1000 yards and 8 TD kinda guy. tremendous value for a late pick.


Go with Kupp. I think you’ll be able to get Robby A in that range any ways so not worth wasting the keeper pick.

15th round lottery ticket, pick who you feel best about and who you think has the most upside.

Despite what’s KOTS claims, you can’t get Anderson in that range: both Kupp and Anderson are currently going in round 8 in ppr formats.

I don’t think Anderson will end up getting any sort of suspension for misdemeanor reckless driving, but I guess anything is possible.

I think Anderson has more upside while Kupp has the safer floor. I lean Anderson but I really don’t think you can go wrong either way. I would prefer both to Goodwin.

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Go with Anderson. The worst he will get is 1 or 2 games. Kupp will regress. Woods and Cooks will drown him out not to mention they are still developing a second round tight end as well as keeping gurley involved in the pass game. Kupp led the team in yards last year there is 0 chance he has more yards than cooks this year.

There is no limit on keepers. Would you take Anderson and Kupp for a 15th and 14th?

I would because he goes in the 9th but I would personally trade Kupp after. He is valuable now. I really think he could lose 30 targets. Robert Woods is way better than people think and it was his first year in the offense.

i could say the same thing for kupp. way better than people think, and was first year in that offense.

@tacocorp81 but knowing there are no keeper limits, hell yeah im keeping both. it was already kinda close in my mind between the 2. i just went with the safer floor because i think its a pretty high floor as well.

Thanks everyone for the input. I appreciate it.