Keeper? Hopkins, Adams or Johnson

I have a big problem. Not really. But who do I keep in my 12 Team, 1/2 PPR League where I pick 11 in a regular snake draft? Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins or David Johnson?

Hopkins, Adams, DJ is how I rank them, so I’d keep Hopkins. Is it straight keepers or do you have draft value attached to them? Like losing the draft round you pick them in.

Straight Keepers. No draft value. One player from the prior season can be kept and the rest get released to the draft pool. Redraft league.

Ok, I’d go with Hopkins

It’s DJ for me. Especially drafting 11th I think tier-based wise you have a better opportunity to still get a great WR. I think DJ could still be the top scorer in fantasy.

I would go with DJ. Top RBs are hard to come by and you can get a top tier WR early 2nd round.

DJ for me as well. there is very little chance you will get an elite RB at the 11th to replace him, but there is a solid chance there will be an elite WR to replace hopkins at 11. all in all, you are not making a bad choice with any of these 3. but im taking the RB in any situation that is close.