Keeper - Hunt or Adams

Keeper question - 10 team, 1 keeper, 0.5pt PPR, 3 WR, 2 Flex league.

Davante Adams in 2nd to last round (16th I believe)
Kareem Hunt in the 4th

I’ve gone back and forth and done a ton of mocks. Just can’t seem to decide. Both great values.


Adams in the 16th. both of these guys are second round picks to me (maybe late first for hunt) and you can still get some very good players in the 4th round that are a world away from the fliers you’ll have in the 16th. Adams in the 16th and you can go full steam on RB/RB rounds 1 and 2

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What spot are you drafting in? I’d keep Adam’s that’s fantastic value. I’d keep him and go 2 or 3 straight rbs. If you’re in the beginning of the draft you can pair a stud with freeman or Christian McCaffrey and have Jordan Howard or mixon coming back around. Then take wrs from there you have your elite wr take solid guys like tate d train Larry Fitz or Amari or theilin if one falls into the 4th for a high floor wr2. You start the draft with 3 real good rbs am elite wr and a high floor wr. If you pick at the back of the first go Gordon and fournette or something like that. Adam’s in the 16th gives you tons of flexibility to take workhorse rbs early and already have an elite wr on your roster.


Great advice, thanks! Don’t know draft spot yet. We play a game or contest before the draft to determine order.

Adams. This isn’t even close. you’re getting a WR1 for free vs hunt at draft position / maybe a few picks of value.