Keeper in 10 team league

I’m in a keeper league and I can keep two players. I’m keeping Gurley with my 2nd round pick. I can keep Etz with the 8th pick, Russel Wilson with the 9th or Jerick McKinnon with the 10th? I’m torn.

McKinnon! Has the best valu at current adp

i will also take the flier round pick on a guy who is currently going in the 2nd. mckinnon could be a fantastic pickup this year, or at the very least a valuable trade piece. i would trade before the season, or after the first game or 2 if he does well. but TE and QB hold little value to me in keepers, even more so in 10 man leagues.

As much as I love Ertz this year, McKinnon in the 10th is crazy good value and you would have two starting RBs locked in.

Thank you gentlemen!

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those picks. Personally, I would keep Ertz in the 8th (I’m keeping him in the 10th of my league of record) and depending on what pick you have in the 1st go ahead and grab another stud to go with Gurley. McKinnon got passed by Asiata and Latavius the last couple of years so I’m not 100% sure he’ll live up to the hype.