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Keeper in a Half PPR


I play in a Half Point PPR League and going into this season will be deciding on a keeper between Kareem Hunt, Devonta Freeman, and Dalvin Cook.

The keepers are taken in round 1 and then the draft continues with the remaining pool of players. Also we start 2 RB 2WR and 1 Flex.

Just wanting to hear peoples opinions and see how they line up with my own thoughts on these three players.


I’d keep Hunt, he’d be the first one to go in the draft if everyone just keeps their best player.

The other thing to consider is where your draft position is. If you have a top 1-3 pick in the draft and anyone has 2-3 of the top guys (Johnson, Zeke, Bell, Brown, etc.) you may be better off not keeping any of your players. You’d keep your 1st round pick and take one of the top guys who is dropped instead.


@srivers hit the nail on the head. Don’t keep Hunt if you have a high pick and someone has a guy like DJ or Brown laying around as their second best player.


David Johnson, AB, Bell, Gurley, and Zeke are all on separate teams. There isn’t really a case of anyone having two top tier players. Also the draft order has not been set yet so it is true I am not sure where I will be picking.