Keeper Input: Julio still worth a 1st rounder?

Input would be much appreciated. I’m leaning towards no

Depends if it would be an early or a late first rounder. If Late, he’s going beginning of the 2nd anyway and is a top 3 WR, but if you’re having to give up an early 1st round pick then no.

So the caveat is that we have a draft to pick our draft position and I choose 5th. So I could potentially make my pick later in the round. The only risk is that if I miss out on someone better by not choosing an earlier draft position.

I say take the 5th, one of the top tier running back could drop, or you could take Thomas, depends on who is being kept by your other league mates and who the top 5 available is gonna be

Do you have any other options you’re weighing?

Nope, I just joined this keeper league and I inherited the leaver’s roster. He didn’t really focus on the league so the roster is terrible.

I won’t know other keepers until I submit mine and I am 5th in choosing which position I will draft from.

Then i would agree with @AGains110, take the 5th and the earliest pick available to try and grab a top tier RB, there’s so much WR value later to make up for it.

Thanks for the advice! What are your thoughts on choosing draft position?

My prediction is that MIchael Thomas, Drake, CEH, Chubb and Sanders will be available who are 1st round worthy.

Problem is I don’t want to choose 1.1 to choose MT/CEH and then not choose until 2.12.

I think around 6 players will have their 1st rounders too.

That’s tougher for me but I’d probably say 4th or 5th , take the last of the worthy players (or if you have a preference than just take the latest of the players you’d be ok with) and then be earlier in the 2nd

Julio is a target monster, consistent like the Sun and definitely worth a 1st in a PPR league, especially if you start 3 WRs.

Depends on your scoring and starter requirements and what you think will happen with top RBs. But if you sit pat at 5 and M. Thomas is there and all of the top RBs are gone, then you have at least increased you WR situation. We have all been waiting for positive TD regression for Julio and it just hasn’t happened…not to say JJ’s FF points are worthy of being your WR1, but if you can get M. Thomas instead, then I think you have your answer, right?

If you could help me out on my auction dynasty question. Good luck!