Keeper Input

Won’t know draft order until day of. 12 team ½ PPR (QB/2 RB/2 WR/TE/FLEX). Two keepers. My options are taking:

  • Darren Waller (10th round)
  • DJ Moore (6th round)
  • Raheem Mostert (10th round)

What two are you taking and why? Thanks!

Anyone got thoughts on this?

Update: It is now a 14 team league. Mostert would be a 9th round pick.

Moore without question. He’s a stud and should continue to be a stud. He’s late 2nd/early 3rd round pick.

The other two are a toss-up, but I’d go Waller. Waller already had the breakout year while Mostert is simply trending up. He may be the lead back in SF, but it’s still a committee. Waller should have another 1,000 yard season.

Plus, this allows you to focus on RB early in the draft where the best ones are. Keep Moore & Waller and go RB/RB or RB/WR in the first two rounds and you should be set.

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DJM and Waller are insane values. I’m completely fading Mostert so definitely the other two.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was feeling very confident in Moore and Waller, but have a few friends that are unreasonably high on Mostert. I had tempered my expectation on that RB situation, but wanted to get some outside feedback.

I am fully stoked for Moore this season. 100% on that hype train!

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