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Keeper insight


Have to keep three. D. Hopkins. T. Gurley. And a toss up on the last between L. McCoy, J. Howard, and D. Watson. Opinions?


This is a tough one. If you think Watson can perform like he did last season, I would go for Watson. There’s a lot of hype with Howard this season though so to have him with Gurley would be nice and you can stream QB’s or just pick up someone like Rivers down the draft. Also, you lose the round in which they are drafted? I’m new to keeper leagues so I’m not sure if thats the norm


This is our third draft with the keeper league. I’d be lying if I told you our formats for losing draft picks. We are still trying to figure out how to run the league the best. It’s a 10 man 3 keepers a piece. Last place must wear a dress chosen by the champ during the draft or he loses one keeper.


LMAO that’s awesome. These guys in this league did it this way. 2 keepers and you lose the round in which they are drafted…but no less than a 7th. So if you drafted Kamara in the 11th…you still lose a 7th round pick. Which is still pretty good i guess. You can only keep them for 3 years…even if they are in a trade throughout the yr. With 10 guys tho, you should have a lot of good players available so maybe that helps with your decision.


Howard for sure. QBs are much easier to stream and I don’t like Shady’s outlook this year / injury history. Howard will be a stud again this year.


Howard. Ez decision.


Howard was my first choice. Thank ya fellas. Ready to get this season started. Been itching all year.