Keeper Issue

I have Michael Thomas and LeSean McCoy as keepers. I can keep 2 of 3 between Julio, Gronk and Dalvin Cook next year. Who do I take?

What would each player cost to keep? Or is it free to keep these guys and you don’t lose picks or anything?

Gronk, Julio and Dalvin are all free.

Gronk is for sure out for me. It’s a toss up between Julio and Cook. Julio is the better and established player, but I personally think RB is the more important position. I would probably go Cook.

If you can swap Thomas out for Julio then I would probably keep Julio, Mccoy and Cook. I just think the RB position is more important and Cook was looking awesome before he got injured.

I was thinking the same thing. Appreciate it

Julio amd Gronk no Question