Keeper issues. Advise please

One owner in my league traded away his best players last year in a questionable bit of roster management and now has no keeper-caliber players.

What’s the way forward here? They’re currently asking to keep none and gain picks to make up for it.

  1. Where would those picks land?
  2. Isnt the purpose of keepers to influence your choices during the season?

Any help help would be appreciated.

Thanks, footclan

How do your keeper rules operate? Is there a round penalty? Is a keeper selection essentially kept as a “1st round” pick?

It depends on your rules. In my league, each team is required to keep 6 players and those players count as everyone’s 1-6 picks in the draft. What are your keeper rules for this league?

We have 2 keepers. Basically our 1st and 2nd round picks. There are no draft penalties for keeper choices. Anyone not kept simply goes back in the draft pool.

Just trying to find the fairest solution for a manager who doesn’t have anyone worth keeping, and wondering if that solution differs if it’s their own fault.

Picks at the end of the draft? Picks in front of everyone else seems unfair.

2 keepers, but same idea.

what does there roster look like?

Personally, I would have him keep two people, seems like it is his fault for trading players away. I wouldn’t let him get picks before people and giving him picks at the end makes no sense because his roster has to have people that are more valuable than picks at the end of draft

This all depends on the rules set…if you have a keeper league and specifically stated you have keep players then he should have to follow those rules…If it wasn’t specifically stated that you are required to keep players then he should gain the draft picks he would be using on keepers…Just notify the league so every one understands that rule (I’m sure others may reconsider keeping 2 players if they knew they were getting draft picks).

Keeper leagues function as a way to reward players who draft well. He shouldn’t be punished for trying to make some moves to win last year (regardless of opinions about the trade) would set a bad precedence for future trading and end of the year league action…

Is there currently a minimum number of keepers?

Typically, if keepers are kept as first and second pick and a manager chooses:
-to keep 1 player, they keep them for a 1st and are able to make a second round pick
-to keep 0 player, they are able to make a first and second round pick

I don’t consider these pick “in front of everyone else” or gained. They don’t have more players at the end of the draft than any other team. Team “no keepers” picks are simply intermixed with the other teams keeper selections.

Regarding any negligible mismanagement last year or not following your bylaws, it should have been dealt with or possibly needs to be. Questionable management is different and there is nothing one can do.

If he doesnt keep anyone, then his first two rounds are empty and when its his turn to draft in the first round, he gets to draft from the draft pool. Unless you have a rule stating that 2 players MUST be kept. Everyone else will the have to determine whether they will keep studs, keep for value or keep at all.


If you had rules stating you have to keep players, then he shouldn’t receive any compensation.

I think if you don’t have an established rule, then the owner should have to keep 2 players from his current roster just like everyone else. Unless you can get a majority or unanimous vote on wherever the pick compensation should be if he didn’t keep 2 players… I would not want those picks to be at the top of the draft.

I think your 2nd point is the right way to think, keeper leagues should force you to make smarter choices in-season. And without established rules on what the option would if owners were to forfeit keepers, I’d just keep the status quo & probably vote on what the rule will be for future seasons.

Pretty simple IMO. If your rules state that teams are required to keep two people, and those two people will be their 1st and 2nd round picks, then he has to pick from players on his roster. Just because he doesn’t have good keepers (in his eyes) doesn’t excuse him from this rule.

However, if your rules state that each owner has the choice to keep up to two players (but is not required to do so) then he should get his 1st and 2nd round picks.


There we go, that’s a better way to say it. If you have to keep 2 players, then you have to keep 2 players regardless of if he thinks they’re trash.

At the same time if this wasn’t already an established rule, I don’t think I like the idea of him getting to choose 2 players from whatever the pool of players is left before anyone else makes a selection since they’d already have their 1st/2nd picks locked in. This kind of bails him out of being garbage last season.

The rule of forcing everyone to have 2 keepers seems kind of stupid to me. If someone has a bad team and doesn’t have keeper worthy players, not only are they disadvatanged from not having any compared to others, they now have to keep too bad players in place of their first 2 picks? It’s like double punishment and decreases league parity. If you don’t have valid keepers, you should just get your picks.