Keeper Julio or Tyreek

Julio in the first or Tyreek in the 5th? Already keeping Gurley in the 2nd

Julio for me. Or also fine with releasing both back into the pool and using your 1st round pick on someone else.

I feel like it depends on your draft order. If you draft at the beginning of the first. I wonder if it would be better to get another top RB?

Tyreke in the 5th for sure. I’m not at all concerned about Hill. He’s a monster separator even without great technical skills, but is also much improved technician. He’s the #1. I’d suggest you stop listening to anyone who wants to point at a contract and say that Watkins is the #1.

I can see this for sure. He’s developed into much more than just a gadget player and actually runs some pretty crisp routes. He’s also really the only guy in the league that legit scares CBs with his speed so they play off him a lot and still can’t stop him.

My reservations with him is not necessarily because Watkins will overtake him as the WR1, but more so Watkins will definitely eat into target share but more importantly, I don’t see Mahomes being able to even come close to replicating the historically great season Smith put up last year, especially as it pertains to his deep ball accuracy.

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We’ll see. I just think Julio in the first is paying sticker (if not higher - I’m getting him in the 2nd in Mocks semi-regularly). Hill can be a WR1 in the 5th.

Agree with you there. That’s why I said I was also fine just releasing back into the pool. Although in a keeper, depending on who is being kept and from what rounds in the top 10-15 players, could make JJ in 1st still okay.

I don’t advocate keeping anyone in the first that’s not a top 3 or 4 pick or fits a specific format intricacy…

I like Hill in the 5th, even if he regresses slightly (and I won’t rehash the same ground covered by Mike in his comment) he’s at worst a WR2 with WR1 upside. I’ve heard conflicting things too but what I’ve seen from, camp tape and beat writers, Mahomes has been pretty liberal targeting Hill.

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