Keeper K. Allen or Ertz?

whats up!

I am able to keep Kareem Hunt for a 5th and need to choose a second keeper:

Keenan Allen 6th round pick or Zach Ertz for an 8th round pick.

I am leaning Hunt and Ertz because in my league we can keep any drafted rookie after the 4th round and I do not want to miss out on my boy Kerryon or a future rookie keeper for next year. If I kept Allen I am looking at no picks for the 4th or 5th round.

Standard scoring 10 team league



thinking too much into it. that is INSANE value for a top 5 WR. you lose out on kerryon sure, but you get an RB1 and WR1 for the price of kerryon and and larry fitz. although it being standard does drop allens value a bit. but he should still be in the 5-9 TD range. honestly my value on keenan may be way off cause i hate standard and just wont play it so maybe its not as good as it looks.


Yeah unless you are playing to win next year don’t give up the value of kennan…

Id def go allen.

But hey if you mentality it to win next year… Sure take ertz and hope you get kerryon

I get you but here is my POV, Ertz is a steal for an 8th round pick at a position that is super weak. Allen looks promising but is injury prone and at an extremely deep position. I won this league last year and plan to keep winning so while I am looking at this year there is an element of sacrifice for the next year. I feel like WRs are up and down every season. Look at Theilen and OBJ, you just never know. I like outscoring my opponent at TE every week.

Regardless who I keep. Probably K. Allen, lol I think it sets me up pretty well

You’re talking about a second round guy in the 6th or a 5th round guy in the 8th. Allen is way better value.

Future considerations should be a tie breaker at most, because a heck of a lot will change between this year and next year. This isn’t a close call, play to win this year and worry about next year in 2019.

Thanks for the advice. I’m definitely tilting Allen after reading the replies. I could still snag Ertz in 3rd or 4th depending where I draft. I just thought Ertz because of the TDs in a standard league.

Allen by a lot