Keeper League - 12-Team Standard

Wanted to get some feedback on my thoughts for next year. I am in a 12-team standard keeper league (6 pts/TD). I can keep a maximum of two players but I would forfeit my first two draft picks if I do.

My roster from last season is:

Jay Ajayi
Doug Baldwin
LeGarrette Blount
Derek Carr
Michael Crabtree
Kenyan Drake
Ted Ginn Jr.
Jimmy Graham
Alvin Kamara
Jeremy Maclin
Marcus Mariota
Ty Montgomery
Seth Roberts
Sterling Shepard
Jonathan Stewart
Tyrod Taylor
Dede Westbrook

I plan to keep Kamara. But since I did not make the playoffs, I go into the lottery to get one of the first six picks. Any thoughts?

If you miss out on a top 6 pick to keep Kamara just go with no keepers. If you can keep Kamara AND get a top 6 pick then that sounds alright.

Yeah I say don’t keep anyone and worst case scenario you can pick Kamara right back up

Well it’s not really clear here what happens if you only keep one player - I’m assuming then you lose your first round pick but retain your second.

But no, he’s gotta keep Kamara. Right now Kamara’ s adp is 1.06. The guys you’d pick before Kamara will almost certainly be kept as well, meaning that even if you win the lottery and get the 1.01, you’re just taking Kamara back, and if you don’t win the lottery you could be stuck taking a second round-grade player with your first round pick.

As for the rest, there’s no one worth keeping, keep your second pick.

That’s correct, if I only keep one player, I lose my first and keep my second.

Update: I ended up getting the second pick in my draft. The team with the first pick is going to keep Todd Gurley. I don’t plan to keep Kamara and I am looking at Barkley. Thoughts?