Keeper League - 1st Round Pick Help

I have Melvin Gordon for a third and Devonta Freeman for a 7th in my keeper league. I have the fifth overall pick this year (with Gurley already off the board) and am trying to figure out what my pick should be.

Main options are likely to be AB, Kamara and Saquon. Do I hope for AB as I already have two RBs or do I load up and have a really strong Flex in Kamara/Saquon.

Alternatively, if AB is off the board, do I reach for Hopkins/Julio/OBJ

when AB is gone, i have no problem with taking OBJ (with the RB’s you already have9

I ended up trading back to #12 today and picking up a 4th and 10th rounder giving up my 6th and 12th.

Hoping to get Davante at 12 overall. I also plan to use that extra 10th to grab Guice to stash on my IR for a 9th round keeper next year.