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Keeper league 1st round question


picking 6th in a 12 team keeper. I keep melvin.
I will be around the dez / michael thomas / TY hilton / amari cooper / todd gurley / lamar miller area.
Who should I pick?
the thing is i drafted TY last year and had him all year, i fucking love him. It feels weird to take him while i already had melvin, those were my favorite two players last year. do you know what i mean?


If TY is who you love, then you take him there. That being said, he wouldn’t be my choice. I would prefer Michael Thomas or Dez.


Interesting… Thanks for your input. I like TY but honestly I would rather not have him again. I want to hope for Dez or Mike Thomas as well.


at pick 6 if all of those guys are available and no one else drops to you, im only looking at three people. dez, ty, and thomas. the up side of these three are too good. cooper is an outlier, he is almost to this point for me. todd gurley is a bum who wont catch any passes this year (might not matter as much if its not PPR) because lance dunbar is there now and he is clearly the a pickup for pass catching out of the backfield. lamar miller would be in consideration for me but back to back RB selections are usually a no go for me unless i get some amazing prospect. miller isnt that. final selction though, i would go Dez. thomas is good but in a keeper league he may not be as valuable with brees headin out the door. TY has luck, but Dez is just better all around. more tools to work with and a great situation.


dez has kind of disappointed these last 2 seasons, im surprised you would take him over TY or Michael Thomas. I think (if they fall to me) it would be between dez and mike thomas. I think breesy still has a few years left, and clearly dallas O-line is too good thru next year. I still have time to think about it i guess, but thanks for your input!!


my selection of Dez comes from seeing how he is trending upwards. the last 2 years have not been the hottest stat wise sure, but he was also injured. he is now going into a season with one of the most complete offenses in the league, and healthy.


I like where you’re getting at… hopefully he will fall to me :slight_smile:


haha thank you. its just my opinion and what i would do. most important thing to do in fantasy is what you want to do. its just nice to have multiple perspectives. :slight_smile: