Keeper league : 2-3 years plans

Hey guys,
What is your take on the idea of stashing a guy (Derrius Guice) in a keeper league in the hope that he’ll explode one day, either later this year (2019) or next year?
We can keep 3 players in our league, with a penalty of two rounds per year by keeper. (Already keeping D. Watson (13th) and M. Mack (9th).
Having picked him up on the waiver last year (2018), Guice would cost me a 14th this year and a 12th next year, which is crazy cheap for the kind of reward he can provide. I’m I crazy to play my card in a 2-3 years horizon or do you guys usualy play your keepers in a shorter timeframe?

I wouldn’t do it.

Yeah if it was a dynasty then for sure but in a 3 keeper I wouldn’t either.