Keeper league + 2018 1st pick

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is having wonderful Holidays. I have a couple of questions for 2018 season. First, I’m in a keeper league. I get to keep 3 of the following 4 players:
Josh Gordon, Will Fuller, Davante Adams and JuJu.

I’m leaning toward Gordon, JuJu and Fuller. Watson will be back and Fuller blew up with him.

Also, I have the 1st pick of the draft. It was going to be between Zek and Bell. However, I think Gurley is now in the discussion since he put up CJ2K numbers during week 14-16 (playoffs). In addition, I get the 13th overall pick due to a trade and pick 24.

I’m thinking of getting stud WR with 13. Hoping Hopkins will be there. Should I take Risk on David Johnson if he there at 24?

Thank you all.

  1. keep adams! I expect him to be the wr1 in gb next season
    I like juju a lot but it depends on what they are going to do with bryant and if big ben comes back
    Josh gordon is a nobrainer

I’d still pick bell over gurley but I guess it’s just taste (and who knows where he mightwas end up…)
As for johnson - if you can get him that late that would be a massive steal imho

Good luck

Gordon and Fuller for sure.

I’d lean devante over juju…as you know aaron Rodgers is the QB Next year or for a long while.
Juju you have no idea the QB situation.

Zeke,Bell and Gurley are all great… each team should have a good offense and 2 of the 3 have young QBs.

I’d keep an eye on what the Steelers do this off-season…who is there QB. Does Bell go to another team . Stuff like that

Right now I’d rank them Gurley,Zeke,Bell but would be super happy with all 3.

With you keeping 3 WR Already then yes take DJ at 24th… but I would be shocked if he was there to be honest

Who had zeke or bell who is letting them keepers… 3 of the four of those could.go either way all Good receivers I would probably cut fuller or Gordon

In a five keeper league debating juju over aj green or Landry slightly. Not practical but I think he has a good future. And have hunt bell and Gordon as rb so they should carry me next year

Take Green over Ju-Ju… we don’t know if Big Ben will be back or not, traditionally Rookie WR regress in year 2 (teams have tape on them now). Not to Mention Green has proven it year after Year, You know your getting a WR1 with Green and his trade value if you wanted to move him for someone else is much higher then Ju-Ju’s. For me id keep Green

As for the Above I would take Adams/Fuller/Gordon, all have shown it in the past, as others noted Adams should be the WR1 worst case WR2 on an Aaron Rodgers Offense. As for your pick I agree with everyone im happy with any of them, the Rams offense is exciting, I would go Gurley or Elliot though because its close and they are younger then Bell, means you can Keep them/get amazing production for a longer period of time, Gurley comes with less potential Drama then Elliot (I have both Gurley and Elliot in my dynasty) so in the end since its close, age, less drama I would take Gurley

Yah I’ll be keeping green for sure just saying I don’t think he is a bad option has a bright future. The big Ben thing is scary if he doesn’t come back it changes everything

I agree, if Big Ben is gone I would be nervous with Steelers outside of Bell, yes it is Brown but he has struggled at times without Big Ben but I would still keep him if I had him. Landry is young and talented though, I have heard rumors he may want to go to the Giants to be with OBJ, that would be an interesting dynamic!!! But yeah I agree I like Ju-Ju’s future and wouldn’t mind having him in a Dynasty!