Keeper league 2nd overall pick. who to pick?

12 team. 2 keepers. standard league.

Im keeping Kamara in the 3rd and M. brown in the 7th.

I have the 2nd overall pick, who would be your first 2 options to pick?

Pick options:

Michael Thomas
Dalvin Cook
Davante Adams
Tyreek Hill
Joe Mixon
Julio Jones
Josh Jacobs
Travis Kelce
Miles Saunders

Do the rules for keeping players need to be considered?

Without considering you future keeper situation, I’d take Cook and then CEH/Mixon. That’s mostly based on the types of RBs and WRs that I’d expect to be left at the end of the 2nd round when you get your next pick.

So we are can Keep players for up to 3 years, I traded for Kamara last year. So I have this season and next.

I dont really want Thomas as I already have Kamara, Cooks stock has been going down a bit since the contact dispute info came out and I’m a bit hesitant about CEH being a rookie.

RB’s do go very quick in this league, and 10 RB’s are already off the board due to keepers. is it crazy to look at Jacobs that early?